September 07, 2016

Is It Really That Bad?

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We've heard the stories, read the books and we've watched the films; you know, the 'OTT' sob scenes that leave you questioning, can it really be that bad? Then it happens and you realise that, yes - having your heartbroken can be that bad and it actually (no-joke) hurts. So much so, you suddenly find yourself re-enacting every cliche thing you'd ever heard and seen about it, which is okay because at this point you feel pathetically sorry for yourself. Note; totally acceptable.

Eventually, when the red, puffy circles on your face start to resemble eyes again and you actually want to eat (by eat, I mean something other than cereal or chocolate), it becomes clear that the 'worst thing that could ever happen' to you, is also one of the best.

Okay, so anyone currently in heartbreak - stage one, will think I'm talking out of something other than my mouth and that I'm full of sh*t. I'll take that. I once had a certain, albeit temporary dislike for anyone who started a sentence with 'it might not feel like it now' or 'it will get better' too. Looking back now, 'it will get better' is actually a big bloody understatement and here's why...

For the first time in however many years or months, you're not obliged to think about anyone other than yourself - family and close friends being an obvious exception. All the money you once spent on bills and other 'adult stuff' can now go on important things for you *cough* clothes. 

You're no longer refereed to as 'XXXX and XXXX', which also means you can take full credit for the usually brilliant presents you buy people; signing off the card solo. Talking of names - you won't be tempted to shamefully call another human 'bae' ever again.

You can eat a meal with a smug confidence that every piece of food on your plate is yours and that no one is going to eagle eye it until you finish or ask to 'try some'. And a personal 'I don't have to share anymore' favourite; you realise just how big a double bed actually is. You can roll, flip and star fish without fear of an awkwardly placed arm cracking a rib. Your bed is your oyster.

Eventually, the energy that once went into watching the Notebook and listening to Adele's 'Hello' on repeat, turns you into a reformed, career focused monster; CEO? Maybe...

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September 05, 2016

Not Another Fashion Blogger

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Three years ago, I was your typical fashion graduate keen to take on the hustle and bustle of the industry and make my mark - however that may be. At the time, I had no idea, but at twenty one I'm not sure anyone truly does. One thing I did know was that I wanted to write and walking straight into a Digital Marketing job, I was able to do that; mostly about fashion, but there were odd occasions where I would write about other thing, such as European Mobility Week... Yes, it really was as dreadfully boring as it sounds.

It was here that I was was exposed to the world of blogging - not quite as big as it is now, but growing considerably day by day. Naturally, I wanted to give it a go. It looked easy enough; take some pictures in a well-considered, yet seemingly effortless outfit, write a few lines complementing some oh-so-lovely brands and finish it all off with a quirky title. Bob's your uncle; I'd be a fashion blogger. 

Of course it didn't play out like that at all. In reality, I would put something together, post it and delete it within a week. A few months later I'd try again, repeating the process; write, post and delete... Fast forward and I'm here again, but this time I don't aspire to be a 'fashion blogger'. Not to break tradition, I put two (pointless and conforming to the typical blogger) posts together prior to this and yes, deleted them. 

Don't get me wrong, I completely appreciate the work and effort that so many bloggers put in and what they are achieving as independent brands themselves. I have a whole list of blogs that I admire and read myself. They are ambitious professionals and right now, they're in a league of their own. Kudos to them. However, as much as I still have the 'passion for fashion' that I had at twenty one, I have so many more that I also want to talk and write about at twenty four; whether that be issues and trends in society or a damn good meal I ate at the weekend. 

Too many people seem to think that starting a blog means choosing one thing that interests them and committing to it - however two dimensional and in-genuine that can actually be. The advice 'you need to find your niche' could be to blame, which seems so irrelevant now anyway with the mass number of bloggers there is today. 

Maybe there's so much duplication and replication in blogging at the moment, because people are seemingly pushing aside the importance of actually having something to say, in favour of getting 1,000 plus likes on a photo of the latest 'it' bag.

Do we really need to see or hear about another Gucci Dionysus?

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September 03, 2016

Arty Farty

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What an absolutely insane week it's been! Coffee has been my best friend and my over-active, idea churning brain has been my worst enemy; leaving me with a lousy four to five hours sleep each night... Here's one of the reason's, if not the reason I decided to create this little space. For as long as I can remember, I've always been creative and 'arty'; from after-school art club at primary school to studying Fashion through College and all the way to University. But as most people of twenty four plus will totally be able to relate to, you can kind of neglect your true passions in life when you go it alone in the 'big bad world' and get completely overwhelmed by real adult working life.

As a Communications Assistant I do get to write on a daily basis, but it's not at all in a creative form. I like to write things down, capture things and as most creatives do; express myself through medias I enjoy most. So here I am - writing, capturing and sharing all my weird and wonderful thoughts, idea's, inspirations and the little bits in between. Starting with a couple of pictures of some cactus' and a dupe Warhol Chanel (or Hanel) print... Like I said weird and wonderful!

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