September 05, 2016

Not Another Fashion Blogger

Three years ago, I was your typical fashion graduate keen to take on the hustle and bustle of the industry and make my mark - however that may be. At the time, I had no idea, but at twenty one I'm not sure anyone truly does. One thing I did know was that I wanted to write and walking straight into a Digital Marketing job, I was able to do that; mostly about fashion, but there were odd occasions where I would write about other thing, such as European Mobility Week... Yes, it really was as dreadfully boring as it sounds.

It was here that I was was exposed to the world of blogging - not quite as big as it is now, but growing considerably day by day. Naturally, I wanted to give it a go. It looked easy enough; take some pictures in a well-considered, yet seemingly effortless outfit, write a few lines complementing some oh-so-lovely brands and finish it all off with a quirky title. Bob's your uncle; I'd be a fashion blogger. 

Of course it didn't play out like that at all. In reality, I would put something together, post it and delete it within a week. A few months later I'd try again, repeating the process; write, post and delete... Fast forward and I'm here again, but this time I don't aspire to be a 'fashion blogger'. Not to break tradition, I put two (pointless and conforming to the typical blogger) posts together prior to this and yes, deleted them. 

Don't get me wrong, I completely appreciate the work and effort that so many bloggers put in and what they are achieving as independent brands themselves. I have a whole list of blogs that I admire and read myself. They are ambitious professionals and right now, they're in a league of their own. Kudos to them. However, as much as I still have the 'passion for fashion' that I had at twenty one, I have so many more that I also want to talk and write about at twenty four; whether that be issues and trends in society or a damn good meal I ate at the weekend. 

Too many people seem to think that starting a blog means choosing one thing that interests them and committing to it - however two dimensional and in-genuine that can actually be. The advice 'you need to find your niche' could be to blame, which seems so irrelevant now anyway with the mass number of bloggers there is today. 

Maybe there's so much duplication and replication in blogging at the moment, because people are seemingly pushing aside the importance of actually having something to say, in favour of getting 1,000 plus likes on a photo of the latest 'it' bag.

Do we really need to see or hear about another Gucci Dionysus?

Image source: ambivalentlyyours

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